Hospitality employers struggling to fill vacancies

In Australia, Spring is normally a great time to fill vacancies.  An industry with high demand in Spring is hospitality.  Currently, the industry has the highest recruitment rate of any industry monitored by the Labour Market Information Portal.  One in two employers are currently recruiting or recruited in the past month.

Naturally these days, there is significant variation across the states, with 84 per cent of WA employers recruiting, compared with just 20 per cent in Victoria. Now that the latter is coming out of lockdown, employment consultants need to engage quickly!

Nearly half (46%) of employers currently recruiting are struggling, with 65% mentioning a lack of suitable applicants as the most common problem.   When seeking to fill vacancies, only 8% of employers use an employment agency.   Clearly, educating such employers on your value proposition is essential to lifting this percentage.

Employment consultants can relieve their pain

For small employers, using other recruitment channels is fraught with challenges.  These include: wading through inappropriate applications; trying to assess a candidate’s skills and experience on paper; and the general distraction to business operations when candidates do not show up for interviews or work trials.

These employer pain points are easily addressed by a proactive business development approach.

Start with understanding who the top hospitality employers are in your local area.  Approach them for an in-depth meeting to understand their needs – consider taking any “industry experts” within your business on the sales call.  Trust me, it helps build your credibility and referrals to other businesses.   Make enquiries on what employers need and their pain points.  No doubt, you will have opportunities to discuss urgent vacancies.

Determine jobseekers who are serious about a hospitality career

Now, consider how you are engaging jobseekers on these opportunities.  How can those without required skills and experience get a chance?  What pre-employment training, work trials and work experience is needed to demonstrate their suitability?   Who has transferable skills such as prior experience in tourism, entertainment and the arts?  Present your best fit candidates and do the deal.

Keep businesses operating

Hospitality employers traditionally rely on overseas backpackers and recently arrived migrants .   They now face a stark choice: hire locals or run a smaller operation.   Certain locations have seen businesses force to close due to lack of staff.   This is a tragedy.  Let’s do everything in our power to minimise this eventuality!