We are seeing a gradual relaxation of restrictions around the country.   Naturally, employment consultants start thinking about what this means for placements.  Consultants who engage with employers regularly know their “unwinding readiness”.  For those who have not, now is the time to find out.

Employers are in three camps

Naturally, unwinding social distancing and related restrictions is a slow process.  Decisions may be reversed.  Certain employers stand to benefit immediately.  Others may consider reopening, whilst the remaining camp must wait for further unwinding.  Of the former, most vacancies are reserved for recruitment partners who invested in their relationship over months and years.

Investing for the future

It is never too late to invest in employer engagement.  A little like the old sharemarket adage – time in the market is better than timing the market.  Business owners and hiring managers are keen to work with trusted employment service providers.  Invest time in building that trust.  It is rare, these days, to land a placement on an ad-hoc approach.

An easy way to achieve this is to organise 20-30 minute video or phone meetings.  Here, vacancy gathering is not the objective. Instead, use the time to complete an in-depth profile of the employer’s business.  Store this on file for later reference.  Then, note on your sales planner an appropriate time to check in again.   At Prospert, we find consultants who master this form of employer engagement do very well – as there is no pressure to find the perfect candidate.

Drop us a line with how you find this approach – we are always keen to hear success stories!