Valuing your employer caseload

Property managers have their rent roll.  Accountants have their tax clients.   And, employment consultants have their, er, employer caseload?
For many in employment services, the concept of growing an employer caseload is a little mysterious.  We often hear this statement: “My clients are my jobseekers, are they not?”  Or this one:  I’m contracted by Government to provide a service to jobseekers, not employers!  And, occasionally this too: “There is no value in building an employer caseload as most of them refuse to use employment services!”
Contrary to these statements, proactive business developers place a high value on a growing employer caseload.  And, in the current economic climate, this value is appreciating every day.

Introducing Ted

Recently, Prospert came upon a truly unique person.   We will call him Ted.   He arrived from Vietnam in the mid-2000s, unable to speak a word of English.   He would become the most impressive employment consultant we would meet in our 15 plus years in operation.   Ted works in Disability Employment Services.

Ted became a student of everything his employers were offering.  If his client produced plastic caps, he found out how.  He was curious about their suppliers, customers, competitors, and sister companies?  Why?  He realised that by showing interest and taking the time to understand how businesses work, employers reciprocated by sharing more information about their plans and ambitions.  This led to more opportunities for sustainable placements.

How Ted grew an employer caseload to 200 employers

Developing employer relationships provided insights into effectively handling new employers.  Ted’s jobseeker relationships blossomed too, as his enthusiasm for various employers became infectious to prospective employees.   Asking more questions, in a respectful and considered way, he noticed many people ready to assist.  Ted’s style is the direct opposite of a pushy salesman. Instead, he has become his employer’s trusted adviser on all things human resources.  During his journey, Ted found he became his employer’s exclusive partner – part of their inner circle, alongside their accountant, lawyer, IT expert, and key suppliers.   They feel his genuine interest and repay him with their time and placement opportunities.
Ted found getting to 50 employers took time, however, once there, he reached a tipping point.  At this stage, he started receiving inbound employer inquiries from organisations he had never met.  The power of referrals had kicked in.  Ted’s caseload grew exponentially.  He now supports not only his own site but that of two other colleagues.

Determining employer caseload value

Using a rule of thumb of $3,000 per placement (all programs), and assuming each employer takes two candidates per annum, an employer caseload of 200 is worth $1.2m in revenue each year.  In most businesses, this is a significant return on investment for one employment consultant.
More importantly, during this COVID-19 economic slowdown, Ted’s employers remain loyal.  He consistently achieves placement and outcome targets.  Other recruitment agencies and employment services providers chase vacancies.   In contrast, Ted’s candidates are automatically granted an interview.   Based purely on his recommendation.
Now, that’s value!