A dedicated and impactful Recruitment Adviser who focuses on “human connection” has been recognised with the inaugural Rex Eagle Practitioner Award at the Disability Employment Australia ‘Ready for Reform’ Conference 2024.

Crystal Meyer has been working as a Recruitment Adviser for Enterprise and Training Company (ETC) for two years, assisting people with disabilities in finding employment. 

“My role is specifically being that liaison between the jobs adviser, the participant, and the employers,” Crystal explains. 

“I get a little bit of free rein in my role to do what’s right with each participant.”

Crystal’s approach is highly individualised. She shared the story of a former builder with dyslexia, who came to her after an injury left him unable to continue his previous work. 

“My role is now to find something for him that he can do,” she said. 

“I go to employers and say, ‘Hey, I’ve got this amazing guy. These are his skills. Do you think he can fit in your space?'”

Her efforts have led to strong relationships with over 50 employers, including large employers like BP. She says her job is multifaceted, involving daily calls to existing employers on behalf of participants, maintaining post-placement support, and ensuring long-term success. 

“How are things going? Is there anywhere that we can assist? Is there anything that we need to do for that participant so that they can continue to be successful? Importantly, we want to have someone stay in employment long-term after 52 weeks.”

Crystal finds certain roles, like school cleaning, particularly suitable for neurodiverse participants. 

“It’s a comfortable environment, it’s quiet because no one is there, and it’s really autonomous. Participants focus on the task and enjoy their roles.”

Crystal shared an example of a successful engagement with a regional employer. 

“I have an RV and caravan centre in Ballina that has been amazing. They allowed me to liaise between them and a young person who can’t work at the moment due to a knee injury. They are holding his position until he gets better. 

“I’ve also been able to approach them about another participant with dyslexia. He has an interview coming up, and I just think that’s a dream fit.”

Community engagement is also a crucial part of Crystal’s role. She participates in numerous local working groups and homelessness meetings in the Tweed and Byron areas, connecting with outreach teams, government, and social services. 

“I really enjoy being that person that can maybe make a little difference in the world by explaining to an employer or educating them on how great it is to hire someone with a disability.”

Crystal shared a heartwarming example of a successful placement: “There was a message from a lady who wanted to get into aged care but was unsure because of past experiences. I encouraged her, and now she has a phone screening with a healthcare provider. She thanked me and said she never would have thought it was possible without our conversations.”

Reflecting on her work, Crystal said, “Every day, I am reminded of the resilience and strength of the human spirit. My clients have faced unimaginable challenges, yet they continue to strive for better lives. Being a part of their journey and witnessing their growth is incredibly rewarding.”

She builds genuine, human connections with her clients, understanding that each person’s path to employment is unique. 

“It’s about seeing the person, not the past,” she emphasised. 

“When we take the time to listen and understand their stories, we can better support their goals and dreams.”

Crystal’s dedication is evident in the myriad ways she supports her clients, from helping them prepare for job interviews to providing emotional support during tough times. 

“Many of my clients have never had someone believe in them before. I want to be that person who believes in their potential and helps them see it too,” she said.

Crystal’s manager at ETC, David Cameron, has been a significant source of inspiration for her. 

“Under his leadership, I feel like I’ve grown so much as a human being, let alone in the role that I do,” she said. 

“Every day, I feel motivated to be a better person and do a better job.”

Founder and Director of Prospert, Paul Diviny, announced the award, congratulating Crystal on her achievement. 

“Crystal’s passion and dedication are evident in everything she does. Her ability to make a positive impact on both participants and employers is truly inspiring. We are thrilled to recognise her with the Rex Eagle Practitioner Award.”

The Rex Eagle Practitioner Award honours Rex Eagle’s significant contributions to employment services over multiple decades. His work has impacted the professional lives of thousands of DES consultants across Australia, New Zealand, the United States, and Canada. 

This award also reflects Prospert’s priority of improving participant-led employer engagement across the sector, addressing a missing piece of the puzzle, and delivering better-quality services that meet the needs of both employers and participants. 

Crystal will receive a free membership to Learn@Prospert  as well as three free mentoring sessions, as part of the Award.

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