Prospert’s response to the Disability Employment Centre of Excellence Options Paper is centred on key pillars, including employer engagement, learning and development, and employer satisfaction. We believe that demand-led approaches to employment for people with disability can create a more dynamic and effective employment ecosystem, benefiting both job seekers and businesses.

Prospert advocates for the core functions of the Centre to include facilitating learning and development opportunities, conducting comprehensive reviews of training options, actively providing training initiatives to reshape employer attitudes and policies, and championing best practices informed by evidence.

Our response stresses the importance of not only prioritising job seekers with disability but also supporting a broad range of stakeholders, including employers, community groups, peak bodies, and education and training providers. We recommend establishing an independent board or advisory group with representation from these organisations and lived experiences of job seekers.

Prospert envisions the Centre playing a pivotal role in educating employers about the challenges faced by people with disability in the workforce, offering guidance on effective engagement with DES providers, and assisting employers in meeting diversity and inclusion targets.

In terms of the Centre’s structure, Prospert suggests it should be a not-for-profit organisation with expertise in research, program design, learning and development, advocacy, and communications. The Centre needs sustained government support through long-term funding commitments to ensure the Centre’s autonomy.

The Centre should not duplicate the already good work taking place in the sector, but instead seek to collaborate, promote and complement efforts. For example, Prospert’s existng learning programs already promote best practces and are well-regarded by the sector. We are keen for the Centre to contribute to the success of this work, rather than replicate or duplicate programs.

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