In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, employment services providers are turning to data-driven solutions to enhance their operations, optimise their performance, and gain a competitive edge. CVGT Employment, in collaboration with Prospert, embarked on a journey to harness the power of data and business intelligence across its government contracts including Workforce Australia Services and Disability Employment Services (DES).  

CVGT Employment is a leader in employment services across regions in Victoria, Tasmania, and Southern New South Wales. Prospert worked with CVGT Employment to examine how data could be used to achieve better performance and enhanced service delivery. CVGT Employment’s CEO, Jason Russell, said the organisation previously had disparate data sources and manual processes that took up too much time and effort. 

“The issue was a lack of consistency across the organisation. We had multiple people using data in different ways. And from a management perspective, we didn’t have a good overall visual of the program,” says Jason. 

To address these challenges head-on, CVGT Employment appointed Prospert to undertake a project focused on business intelligence and data-driven decision-making. 

CVGT Employment’s Regional Manager, Luke Eldridge, shared that the process started with consulting and aligning the diverse perspectives across the organisation – from executive leadership to middle management and site managers. This inclusive approach ensured that the insights gained from data were relevant, actionable, and valuable at every level. 

“We had a perspective from an executive level as to what dashboards were needed… but we also got the views of middle management to understand how data could be used to make them a lot more efficient,” says Luke. 

They opted for Microsoft’s Power BI platform, known for its user-friendly interface and interactive features. The project underwent a phased rollout commencing with pilot sites before it was implemented across the organisation. The transition to Power BI marked a significant change, enabling CVGT Employment to move from static spreadsheets to dynamic, real-time data insights. 

The implementation of data-driven strategies and the Power BI platform delivered remarkable results for CVGT Employment. The benefits spanned both operational efficiency and enhanced service quality.  

Jason emphasised that achieving consistency across the organisation was a major accomplishment. 

“So, whether it’s in Liverpool, Hobart, or Mildura, there’s consistency in approach and our regional managers have clear visual metrics to ensure they’re delivering a quality service,” says Jason. 

“No more days or weeks spent analysing spreadsheets that are pretty much obsolete by the time reporting is finished. We’re looking at real-time data. It’s one source of truth.” 

The reduction in reporting time has allowed managers to focus on strategy and service improvement, fostering a culture of continuous learning and development. 

Luke says the benefits also extend to more efficient performance coaching, enabling managers to assess individual and site performance accurately and swiftly. 

“It’s become a performance coaching tool as well,” he says.  

“Managers now have real-time data at their fingertips, providing insights into staff performance and enabling timely interventions and strategic decision-making.” 

“It’s now strategy driving, the data is right there. It’s just a Godsend for me. I’m not going to lie,” says Luke.     

As CVGT Employment continues to reap the rewards of their data-driven initiatives, they are already exploring ways to take their capabilities further. The flexibility of Power BI allows them to consider integrating data from other sources, such as HR and finance systems. Jason shared their ambitious plans to extend their data-driven approach to environmental impact and staff surveys. 

“CVGT Employment’s data journey isn’t just about pretty charts,” says Jason. 

“It’s about the strategy behind why we’re looking at that data and what we can do with it.”  

Jason and Luke stressed the importance of seeking independent support to validate their approach and challenge their perspectives. Collaborating with partners like Prospert ensured that their strategy was well-founded and effective. This outside perspective not only guided their actions but also instilled confidence in their approach.  

Prospert’s Founder and CEO, Paul Diviny, said CVGT Employment were a best practice case study in harnessing the power of data not only to measure performance but to drive positive change, align with organisational goals, and unlock new opportunities for growth. 

“Collaborating with CVGT Employment on their data journey has been incredibly rewarding for our team involved. It was great to see CVGT Employment embrace this project so successfully at all levels of their organisation – from the board to frontline services,” says Paul. 

“This project highlights that dynamic data is a strategic asset that can position organisations well for upcoming changes to Workforce Australia Services and the Disability Employment Services,” he says. 

CVGT Employment’s transformation is a testament to the immense potential of data and business intelligence in shaping the future of employment services. By adopting a comprehensive approach incorporating insights from all levels, leveraging user-friendly platforms like Power BI, and seeking trusted support, they have achieved remarkable improvements in service quality, efficiency, and decision-making. 

Their journey is an inspiring example for employment service providers seeking to embrace data-driven strategies to enhance their performance, deliver exceptional services, and create a lasting impact in their industry. As CVGT Employment continues to pave the way for innovation, we’re excited to see its future achievements fuelled by the power of data and strategic insight. If you’d like to discuss how business intelligence can drive improvements in your employment programs, contact our team at Prospert today.