Tom’s journey into the world of employer engagement was anything but ordinary. When he was promoted to the employer engagement team at Asuria, he was filled with equal parts excitement and anxiety. But with the guidance of a mentor, who is one of Australia’s most experienced employer engagement experts, Tom quickly rose to the challenge and transformed into a confident, savvy Employer Engagement Consultant.

Tom’s professional development journey began with Prospert’s “Strategic Business Development” program, where he rubbed shoulders with peers and learned cutting-edge strategies for engaging employers and placing job seekers in sustainable roles.

“It was great to learn different strategies and ways of working through problems. I could repackage what I was doing and bring in new, more effective ideas,” says Tom.

Following the training, Tom was involved in mentoring with Prospert’s Rex Eagle.

According to Rex, mentoring is a great way to help people reach their full potential.

“Mentoring is something I am deeply passionate about, and I’ve been involved in it for eight years. Sometimes people may feel anxious or fearful of the expectations of the role, but if you can help them get a handle on their anxiety, it can be a game-changer,” says Rex.

The mentoring between Rex and Tom was conducted over four sessions and was crucial to building Tom’s confidence to engage effectively with employers and deliver sustainable job placements for job seekers.

Rex’s unique approach to mentoring includes role-playing, which supports mentees in practicing conversations with employers.

“I was able to rehearse different scenarios, which made me feel more confident when interacting with employers. Rex gave me tools to dig deeper and ask more questions to understand why an employer was saying no,” says Tom.

“Working through the objections until you get a yes, is a valuable experience.”

According to Tom, one of the key takeaways from the entire program was learning how to give job seekers ownership of their employment pathway.

“The Key Three is a great tool. It asks the job seeker what they want to do, where they want to work, and what role they would like to have. This leads to opportunities where I can take the profiles of interested job seekers directly to the employers,” says Tom.

Tom’s operations peers use the ‘Key Three’ tool with their job seekers, making Tom’s job a lot easier. He says employers are very receptive to the Key Three approach. As an Employer Engagement Consultant, he has the information he needs to showcase job seekers.

“We’re one step ahead, because we’re not trying to put a square peg in a round hole. It’s a really good starting point because the employer knows that the jobseeker has prioritised a job with them,” says Tom.

“You can also identify trends, so there might be 10 people who want a job at the same company. Then, I can ask the employer to host an information session, we can do 10 interviews on the spot. Employers like this approach.”

Tom honed his skills with each mentoring session and developed new strategies to connect job seekers with the right employers. For example, he refined the art of “reverse marketing,” giving job seekers ownership over their employment path and helping them showcase their unique skills and passions to potential employers. He also developed the power of “job carving,” tailoring job roles to match the skills and interests of job seekers, opening flexible work arrangements.

According to Rex, the tools are designed to be straightforward.

“Trust the tools, test and validate them. Some people are completely disorganised, but the tools can help remove the stress from the job.”

“We find around 40% of people needing mentoring feel overwhelmed and consider leaving their job, but mentoring can change their life.”

“It’s an inexpensive yet simple solution and can make a big difference to staff retention,” says Rex.

Employer engagement is a critical part of the journey to employment. And Tom, now a seasoned consultant on the employer engagement team at Asuria, is a shining example of how this important work can change lives.

Prospert’s mentoring program is offered to participants as part of the Effective Employer Engagement and Strategic Business Development programs, available now.