Get excited when you hear a major employer has a large number of vacancies?   Become frustrated when you realise that everyone else is on this opportunity and, consequently, your candidates have 1% chance of securing a role?   What about investing your effort in engaging employers who give you first dibs?   In the current COVID-19 environment, we advocate employment consultants need to avoid following the herd chasing large but elusive vacancies.  Instead, they should invest in building long term relationships with small and medium businesses.  We explain why here.

Job Vacancies still exist

The Department of Employment Skills and Education suggests there were 122,700 job vacancies available in March 2020.  This is down 22% on February 2020 and 31% on March 2019 (Source: LMIP).  Key industry demand hot spots include ICT Professions, Call Centres, Medical Practitioners and Carers.  Normally, such roles are out of bounds for most employment services candidates, due to the relatively high barriers for candidate consideration.  This was before the current economic crisis.  With jobactive registrations set to double overnight (refer, a windfall opportunity has arisen to compete head-on with private sector recruitment. How do you get a look in?

Avoid following the herd

For very high profile bulk vacancy opportunity – such as a major supermarket needing 5,000 shelf stackers – there are tens if not hundreds of other medium to small organisations with similar needs.  Developing strong bonds with this employer cohort is essential to winning their trust.  For many, it may be their first taste of employment services.  Following a structured sales approach – such as Prospert’s Seven-Step Selling Framework – provides consultants with a focussed and disciplined methodology to gain the coveted position of being a small employer’s HR business partner.   This may open up possibilities to meet their suppliers, customers, and competitors.

Become a business partner to small business

Employment consultants ignore smaller employers at their peril.  In an ideal world, being an HR business partner who pre-screens and prepares quality candidates takes the headache out of recruiting for these employers who will reward you with their loyalty.  So, avoid following the herd, and give others a try!