COVID-19 vaccines are rolling out across Australia now.   What are the opportunities for your candidates with customer service backgrounds?

Think about the COVID-19 “vaccine value chain”.  Businesses are manufacturing, distributing, storing, and administering the vaccine all over the country.  Entry level roles for people with customer service and transport skills are in high demand.

Hospitals and clinics need vaccination officers 

The medical sector is a primary target for recruitment.  Hospitals are seeking expression of interests for vaccine support workers, with preference for those from tourism, travel, hospitality, and retail industries.   Medical training is not required.

Non-medical staff such as administrative staff and screening clerks help keep track of the vaccination process.

Even the Australian Government needs help with the deployment of Covid-19 vaccines abroad.   Relevant roles include coordination and data entry officers.

Manufacturing, transport and logistics roles

Pharmaceutical companies with Covid-19 contracts are seeking full time production workers for the entire flu season.   And, once manufactured, the vaccines get delivered to hospitals, chemists, health clinics and local government facilities.  For this, drivers are needed too.

Shot in the arm?

These employment developments are exciting.  Roles are often full time, provide overtime and suit entry level skills in many cases.  Importantly, the feeling of being part of something special will attract the interest of many jobseekers.  This mini boom may not last.  However, it provides a perfect platform for those candidates waiting for tourism, hospitality and retail employment to rebound to practice their customer service skills.

This may be the perfect shot in the arm!