Business Intelligence

Employment and training providers need quality information to track performance.

We take time to engage with relevant stakeholders—from the Chief Executive Officer to local site leaders—to understand their reporting requirements. We then convert these into contemporary business intelligence reporting that influences decisions and delivery impact.

Our clients benefit from our deep subject matter expertise, design skills and our ability to engage information technology professionals to undertake assignments efficiently and effectively.

Reporting can range from a specific employment services contract through to linking all relevant data sets into a coherent picture of the entire business.

Reports need an update? Ask us.

Business Transformation

At Prospert, we recognise that employment and training providers face constant business challenges.

We take time to understand these challenges in detail, develop plans to turnaround your business or embrace a new direction, and then assist with implementing change.

Our clients benefit from our deep subject matter expertise, financial and operational acumen, and pragmatic approach to delivering results.

Business transformations can range from a single business unit or a complete strategic realignment to take advantage of a new contract or opportunity.

Either way, you are in safe hands.

Learning and Development

With decades of experience, Prospert’s learning, coaching, and mentoring programs have transformed the employment services sector. We know that effective learning and development programs are more important than ever, helping public employment services employers attract, retain, and build their workforce.

Prospert’s market leading course ‘Effective Employer Engagement’ has addressed this need, developing the skills of more than 10,000 consultants in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United Kingdom and the United States of America.

Learn@Prospert offers great value and flexibility for today’s workforce and beyond. Key features include: self-paced learning, tailored experiences, video role plays, interactive assessments and access to group and one-on-one coaching.

Prospert engages leaders in the development of their teams. We coach leaders on critical success factors to monitor, so they see a performance uplift. Grow your employer caseload and create more jobs for customers today.

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Operational Improvements

At Prospert, we know Operations. We employ industry subject matter experts and team these with experienced project managers and consultants to solve general management problems.

We take an evidence-based approach to check alignment between your people, processes and systems. Via client workshops, potential solutions are canvassed for detailed financial analysis. These are then brought together into a coordinated program of work.

Our clients see results quickly. Their teams grow in confidence as new skills are learned and applied.

Social Impact

We understand that employment services and training providers deliver more than just jobs and skill development to society.

In many ways, the social impact is far broader and includes positive changes in people’s lives, their communities and for their employers.

Our clients who want to demonstrate this impact rely on us to strategically plan, measure, and communicate their impact over the long term. This can extend to environmental and governance reporting.

We produce Social Impact Reporting, Community Engagement Frameworks, and other artefacts for use with government, community, staff and other stakeholders.

If you want to measure your social impact, consider using our experts.

Strategic Planning

Organisations and boards want an independent view about strategic issues and opportunities, informed by experts in the field.

Whether it’s a full-day workshop, a Boardroom briefing or full strategy development, our experts are sought after for their advice and strategic expertise.

After all, our team comprises former industry executives whose experience covers multiple geographics, programs and lines of business.

If you need a second opinion, look no further.

Tender Management

At Prospert, we believe tendering is an art. We typically start with a feasibility study to address all aspects of the tender business case.

From there, we help clients manage their various tender workstreams via a program of work. This prepares them for tender writing.

During the tender writing process, our experts go to work, converting our client’s tender value propositions into compelling content for Government.

Our work does not stop there. We then help clients prepare for winning licenses so they can implement their service delivery models in a timely and efficient fashion.

In the lead up to opening doors on a new contract, we continue our support to ensure nothing is left to chance.

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